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Collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater from homes, businesses and institutions within the District.

Operation and maintenance of:

  • More than 73 miles of sewer pipelines and five (5) pumping stations.
  • A 1.5 million gallon per day secondary treatment plant to biologically and chemically process wastewater.
  • An 18-inch-diameter ocean outfall extending 1,600 feet into the ocean.
  • Testing laboratory to control and monitor the treatment plant to biologically and chemically process wastewater.
  • A system for ocean monitoring to assure that the marine environment is protected and safe for public use.

Management of biosolids (the solid residue from the treatment process) through biological oxidation, drying and composting . The processed material is reused as a soil amendment.

District Boundary

Here is a map (PDF) of the District boundaries


Here is a map (PDF) of served and unserved areas


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The disinfected wastewater is dispersed into the Pacific Ocean 1600 feet off from the shoreline of Butterfly beach. Processed biosolids are composted and are reused as agricultural amendments
Without effective treatment of wastewater, the environment would be devastated, particularly our ocean environment. If our wastewater is not adequately treated, high quantities of nitrates and bacteria would kill or pollute many of the organisms we rely on for a healthy ocean and our food.